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Care Sourcer helps people find the care they need for their loved ones. We worked together early in their journey to provide a solid brand and user experience foundation to build on.


Care Sourcer is a brand with strong ambitions to disrupt the care industry using a consumer-facing product. It was clear that the pre-existing logo didn’t hit the right emotional notes and lacked the quality of execution required to establish the brand on a national scale.

We led a brand workshop with the founders and the rest of the small team to identify core brand values and a mission statement, which was used to develop a brand identity more consciously aligned with the business goals.



Redesigning how people find care

Finding care for relatives is an extremely stressful experience using conventional means. Typically the customer – usually a relative – phones all the providers in the area and repeats their needs each time, with minimal information available to them about the providers’ availability, suitability for their care needs, or quality of service. Emotionally this is also a difficult time for anyone, compounded by the physical difficulty of finding good care in a timely manner.

Drawing on a variety of interviews that we conducted with people looking for care, NHS staff, and care home managers, I worked with the team to draw up personas and journey maps for all user types. We used this to turn the existing bare-bones Care Sourcer website into an easy to use and appealing consumer product, tailor-made to help this older demographic with their needs.