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Much Better

User Experience, Brand identity updates, Illustration and Marketing design for the UK’s most exciting adventure holiday provider

Product Design

Our research uncovered that users had two main goals when deciding if they wanted to book a trip: they wanted to understand at a gut-level what to expect from the experience; and then they wanted to know all the necessary logistical details.

Our design had to balance these two needs effectively, to get people excited about the trip while giving them enough information to have confidence to book.

What’s it like?

We quickly found that social proof was the strongest means to give people a quick window into the reality of the experience. As customers love to share photos and leave reviews, the company had a wealth of this authentic content to use.

Brand updates

We developed illustrated content to match the brand’s adventurous spirit. Hand-drawn elements were both quick to produce and spoke to the DIY, one-of-a-kind nature of a true adventure.

Templates were created so that type and graphics could be combined in different ways without the need for bespoke creative for every campaign or message.